Leader in the French market in the field of additive, plastic and metal manufacturing, 3DS Group boasts over fifty years experience in designing exceptional parts. Associating creative innovation and exclusive technical skills, the Group works in all industrial sectors and guarantees an optimum reactivity and adaptability for their customers.

The company is made up of two entities of excellence: MMB which is present in the luxury goods and automobile (concept-car) markets, and VOLUM-e, specialized in the aeronautic and pharmaceutical sectors.

With their highly sophisticated equipment and unique know-how, 3DS Group is able to accompany their customers in all the production steps of a project: from its design to its industrialization.

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Based on his expertise in the field of the aerospace qualification, Volum-e develops a high-range process that perfectly meets the requirements of this cutting-edge industry.


Source of advices and proposals before, during, and after the project, Volum-e designs high precision medical features and respects the specific durability, weight, aesthetic, and cost constraints of these products.


Leader in the conversion of creative ideas into exceptional parts for the luxury and automotive (concept-car) market, MMB has over 40 years experience and owns a state-of-the-art fitted with pioneering technologies machine fleet to conceive new high range products. By closely supporting its customers throughout their projects, MMB shows unique responsiveness and performances on the market.

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